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   Equipment Review
   Redrock microMattebox
   Company: Redrock Micro
   Type: Mattebox
   MSRP: $635
   Expected Release:Available Now
   Sample Footage: Click Here
   Review Date: December 1, 2008
   Reviewed By: A.J. Wedding

Final Score:

A mattebox is basically an expensive sunshade that can hold glass filters in front of a lens. There are a variety of brands, in a wide variety of quality, at prices that vary from $300 to $5000. The rule has always been that if you want a high quality mattebox, you have to pay the price. As usual, Redrock is changing that maxim.

French flag and adjustable side flags are made of high impact ABS plastic.

The microMattebox has arrived to give microbudget filmmakers a high quality, versatile, and easy to use mattebox at a fraction of the price of any competitor with similar features...and it is gorgeous! Moving away from it’s practical uses, a good looking mattebox makes your camera look more professional. Nancy Screiber, the D.P. of the award winning film November said that she put the biggest mattebox that would fit on a Panasonic DVX100 while making the film, so that the actors wouldn’t think it was a low-class production. Kiefer Sutherland accidentally coined the phrase “The Keifer Test” when he remarked that he needed a big mattebox to act. We are fairly certain that the microMattebox would pass the Kiefer Test with flying colors.

The microMattebox comes with your choice of blue, red, or gray accents.

Ease of Use
With all the comforts of a much more expensive mattebox, the microMattebox is very easy to use. Inserting and rotating the filter trays can be a pain with any mattebox, but Redrock has come up with a great system that is fully adjustable for the filter position.

The layout of the pelican case allows for accessories and 4 filters.

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