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Feature Film Submission Instructions

The following list can be downloaded in Word format for easy printing here.

A. Provide the following on a printed sheet of paper for each film submitted:

    1. Title of the movie:
    2. Director:
    3. Current distribution (if any):
    4. Genre:
    5. Names of the main characters & actors who played them:
    6. Running Time:
    7. Budget:
    8. How was your budget used? (The more specific you are, the higher you're likely to score in the 'Use of Budget' Section in our critiques):
    9. Production camera(s):
    10. Any special equipment you used (i.e. 35mm Lens Adapter, Steadicam, etc.):
    11. Mic and audio equipment Used:
    12. Editing software used:
    13. Release date: (Please make sure it is not older than the rules allow or your film will not be critiqued.)
    14. Any comments you want us to know about:
    15. Your e-mail address:
    16. Your website address:
    17. Link to your trailer:
    18. Link to a free Digital Version of your Film: (If unavailable, please proceed to #21.)
    19. If you have a free Digital Version online, do we have permission to include a version of it in an MFM online video channel of featured content in the next 12 months? (If no, please move to #21.)
    20. If you answered yes to #19, you will be asked to sign and date the printed form you submit.
    21. Preferred Cover Picture: Either include a .jpg in a special data portion on your DVD, in an accompanying press CD, or email a .jpg directly to our editor at: [email protected]
    22. Preferred reviewer:  (If you don't fill this in, whoever is available will be assigned to do your critique.  You may request Jeremy Hanke, Jeremy White, or Eric Henninger at our local offices.  If you wish to request Ryan Graham [Livelihood], Mike Flanagan [Absentia, Oculus], or Joel Robertson, who now write for us from our satellite locations, please email us ahead of time.)
    23. Any other special requests:
    24. Is your film in a full size DVD case?  (If not, you will need to put your film in one, regardless of length, before sending it.  If you cannot obtain a full size DVD case for whatever reason, you may instead include $2 USD and labels for each submitted DVD.  In this situation, we will purchase a DVD case and place your labels on it for you. Failure to do one of these two things will result in your film not being critiqued.)
    25. Have you enclosed your $50 USD payment for a feature length critique? 
      You may pay via check or money order which must be made out to MFM's parent company,
      "Viking Productions, Inc." While cash is accepted, we cannot guarantee its safety in shipping and would discourage you from submitting it. 

      If you would prefer to pay via credit card or Paypal, there will be a small service fee to offset processing costs (in the case of publicly posted feature films, this will be $5):

      Please Choose from the Following:

(If you are submitting a DVD that has been professionally
labeled in a printed DVD case,
you can skip B & C and go on to D)

B. Make sure that any DVDs you send us are DVDs that've been burned so that they can be played on a US DVD player, that there is only one film or short per DVD, and that it has been labeled with:

    • Title of the Movie
    • Director
    • Genre
    • Running time
    • E-mail address

C. Regardless of the length of the film, make sure each DVD you send is in a separate full-size DVD case with the film's title printed or neatly labeled on it.  (Make sure that the title is clearly visible on the spine, especially.)

D. Package the info sheet in with the DVD and drop it into the mail to our editor at:

    Jeremy Hanke
    c/o MicroFilmmaker Magazine
    3351 Cove Lake Drive, Suite #66
    Lexington, KY 40515

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to e-mail our editor at: [email protected]

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